Frequently asked questions

Does my registration guarantee my place at a graduation ceremony?

No, the registration process completed on this website does not guarantee your eligibility to graduate. You will receive confirmation of your graduation eligibility from Bond University.

How will my name appear on my graduation documentation?

The full name we have recorded in eStudent is what will be printed on your graduation documentation. Please visit eStudent to view your current first, other and family names. If your name is not appearing correctly please contact the Graduations Team immediately.

Do I have to wear academic dress to participate in my graduation ceremony?

Yes. You will be required to wear the official academic dress for the degree or diploma that you are graduating from. The academic dress set includes a gown, a mortarboard or bonnet, and a hood and/or stole in your faculty's colours.

How do I work out my gown size?

When you place your order online you will have the option to select your size, based on your height. Please note that you will be fitted for the correct size when you pick up your academic dress.

When and where can I collect my academic dress?

Academic dress is available for collection on the day of your graduation ceremony from 12pm.

Pick up location: Nyombil Centre, Building 8 Level 1.

When and where do I return my academic dress?

Academic dress must be returned the same day, before 6pm to the Nyombil Centre, Building 8 Level 1.

Failure to return academic dress on time will incur a charge equivalent to the balance of the purchase price of the regalia. Purchase price is three times the hire price.
Cancellation of order - If you need to cancel your order please contact Customer Service to arrange your refund. Generally refunds are not applicable if your cancellation occurs within 3 days of your ceremony.

What if I don't have credit card - can I pay cash?

We recommend you pay for your academic dress with credit card. Alternatively, you can contact GFP on or 1300 360 445 to make a booking and pay on the day with cash and/or a debit transaction, however this booking must be made in advance.

How much will my academic dress hire cost?

Academic dress prices vary depending on the award you are receiving. As a guide:

  • Diploma set:  $85 includes gown & stole
  • Bachelor set:  $85 includes gown, hood & mortarboard
  • Master's set:  $90 includes gown, hood & mortarboard
  • Doctor of Philosophy set: $160 includes gown, hood & bonnet

Academic dress terms and conditions

Cancellation of order - If you need to cancel your order please contact customer service to arrange your refund. Refunds are not applicable if your cancellation occurs within 3 days of your ceremony.

Can I apply for or buy more tickets for my graduation ceremony?

Due to space restrictions, a maximum of eight guest tickets will be issued to each graduand, depending on the size of each ceremony. Please note that all guests must have a printed ticket to attend the ceremony. If graduands do not take up their maximum allocation, additional guest tickets may become available. No advance guarantees can be made on the allocation of additional tickets.

For the Saturday ceremonies, a live stream of the Graduation ceremony can be viewed for family and friends who cannot obtain extra tickets and for those who arrive after the ceremony has commenced.

What should I wear to my graduation?

Please note that you will be required to walk up stairs and all academic dress is open at the front, therefore what you are wearing underneath will be visible. For this reason, business attire and comfortable shoes are highly recommended. The gowns are quite heavy so you may want to remove any jackets.

How long is the graduation ceremony?

The presentation ceremony takes approximately an hour but can go slightly longer depending on the number of graduands attending.

How much does it cost to graduate?

The cost of your academic dress is the only mandatory expense associated with graduation.

What time do I need to arrive for my graduation ceremony?

It is recommended that you arrive at least two hours before the ceremony begins.

You will need to assemble at the southern tiled veranda at the back of Don’s Tavern after obtaining your gown. Assembly time is a minimum of half an hour before the ceremony.

Where is the graduation presentation ceremony held?

The ceremony is held in the University Sports Hall, Level 2 of Building 10.

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